Re:bound is an action based puzzle game with four progressively difficult levels seamlessly connected. Played in the third person, the player uses a glaive with ricocheting capabilities to kill enemies, collect health points and solve puzzles to reach beacons. Aimed correctly, the glaive also pushes levers to open doors and activate platforms. The ricochet action allows the player to hit multiple targets with one throw. The object is to find and collect a beacon at the end of each level. Once acquired, the beacon must be placed in a transmitter, located at a connecting hub, to advance to the next level. The game ends once all the beacons are placed in the transmitter which then sends out a rescue signal.

Development Info

GENRE: Action Puzzle
ENGINE: Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) 4.14
SOFTWARE: Unreal Perforce (P4V), JIRA
TEAM SIZE: 17 Developers
MAN HOURS: 21hrs per week


Level Design

  • Tested game mechanics.

  • Whiteboxed prototype levels in BSP.

  • Established metrics and created LD mod kit.

  • Facilitated private and public bug testing.

  • Created animated credit scene.

  • Designed and implemented an active combat music system that seamlessly changed the music depending upon the level and whether the player was in combat.  

  • Built music system in UE4 CUE framework and triggered within blueprints without use of third-party software.

  • Collaborated with composer to create six original tracts for the game.

Audio Design

  • Chose all 161 sound effects in the game for the proper mood and ambiance.

  • Added custom attenuation for each sound.

  • Adjusted the volume mix for a balanced sound.