Written as a quest for the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, The Enigma of Furtive Valley takes place where the Dragon Wars once raged. In this action role-playing game, the Player’s quest is to save the remote village of Furtive Valley from starvation. The Player must find the reason behind the village’s mysterious crop failure. Throughout the Player’s quest and the optional side quest, the Player solves puzzles and fights Draugrs and the powerful Dragon Priest Voltec, in an underground Nord dungeon. Once out of the dungeon, there still remains another battle. Player must defeat the mighty ice breathing dragon, Hefpyre, to save the village. 


Development Info

GENRE: Action role-playing
ENGINE: Creation Engine
EDITOR: Creation Kit
TEAM SIZE: 1 Developer
MAN HOURS: 15 hrs per week

Concept Layout

Initial concept for Furtive Valley exterior.

Initial concept for Nord dungeon.


Final Layout

Final Version for Furtive Valley exterior.

Final version for Nord dungeon.

Five unique buildings with exterior and interior features distinctly designed for each roaming NPC.

Introductory view of Furtive Valley as one approaches the starving village.

Pillar puzzle entrance to Nord dungeon.

First encounter with Draugrs in the dungeon.

Discovery of Dragon Priest Voltec. Failure to defeat Voltec means death to Furtive Valley.

The dragon Hefpyre rises from its mound for the final battle.