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VR Research

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VR Spline Mine
VR Spline Mine lit

Controls / Navigation


I created my own navigation system that allows a player to navigate the virtual world by tracking physical movement of a real world playspace. It also lets the player teleport to new areas while keeping the mapping of the playspace congruent with the virtual world. The teleportation is based off of UE4s navigation mesh. I designed this navigation system to work for PSVR, Oculus, Vive, and Gear VR.

Spline Mesh


I built a Spline Mesh system in UE4, as a tool for designers and artists cooperating on building levels. In my Spline Mesh system, an artist can drop meshes into the Spline. The designer can then drag the Spline to match a path needed for the level. The Spline Mesh System will automatically bend the meshes to fit seamlessly to the new path. In this tech demo, the Spline is set up to allow a player to navigate to a minecart, then use the cart to go down the Spline. The player can still move around within the minecart by physically moving around in the playspace.



My Spline Mesh System is also set up to place static lights along the path created by the designer. Once the artist has lit one area, that lighting condition will be duplicated along the whole Spline. The frequency of the lighting can be adjusted in the blueprint.

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